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Radiant AgriTech Limited proudly stands as India’s pioneering scientific eco-farming "Public" company, dedicated to the preservation of one of the world’s oldest plant species. By tapping into the vast potential of the US$3.6 billion Indian Agro-Forestry sector, we have embarked on a journey to conserve this valuable heritage. Our pride lies in our devoted team, innovative methods, and steadfast commitment to sustainable agri-technology.

Currently, we are engaged in the regeneration of 'pterocarpus santalinus', a highly sought-after and endangered forest species in South India. Furthermore, we have set a remarkable precedent by establishing the largest Red Sanders plantation under the AgroForestry concept globally.

Initiated in 2012 as a project named ‘NANOSpell’ by alumni from IIT-M, Nottingham University, and Anna University during their research studies, the team later established it as an organization in India in May 2018. This move aimed to realize the vision of the youth fraternity, and they launched their NanoTech-based afforestation project in collaboration with well-known like-minded associates, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs.

Since then, we have been developing innovative ideas and strategies that have transformed agriculture and agroforestry both vertically and horizontally.


Mrs. Lalitha Rajendhiran

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